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Tuesday, July 16th 2014

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We still do not have the full results from the Lyme disease tests but they expect to have them in the next day or two. However, they felt comfortable discharging Chris today. Because Chris has been afebrile for 48+ hours, his white count (ANC) is up, he has been eating small amounts on his own, and the swelling on his face has gone down significantly, we were set free around 1:00 this afternoon.


But why would you think it would be that easy? Surely you jest!


I called the rental car place all set to have them deliver our wheels to the hospital and it turned out they would not allow me to rent a car with a debit card. Not even with a major credit card over the phone provided by Joe. I needed to physically HAND them the card and it HAD to be in my name. That was a bit of a problem because I haven't had a credit card in my name in 15 years. Our major credit card is in Joe's name and was safely tucked away in his wallet in NYC. Didn't do me much good in Boston. Guess I know what's on my "to do list" this week.


After desperate phone calls to every rental car dealer within a 20 mile radius of Boston I finally landed a car with Avis. Who, by the way, DOES accept debit cards.


Chris and I hailed a cab from the hospital and somehow hitched a ride wiith the chattiest driver in the northeast. Neither one of us were in the mood to hear the history of Boston, Mass. However, we responded with a lot of "ah-huh's" and "isn't that interesting" to the gentleman that was beyond proud to be a Bostonian. In all honesty, we just wanted to get our car and get home! I guess I should be thankful that he got us to the Avis center in downtown Boston in one piece. We retrieved our car without incident and the ride home was pretty uneventful. There were only one or two down pours along the way. I fully expected a lot worse given the forecast and emergency alerts I received on my phone.


Chris has resumed position in the throne playing XBox with his friends and seems to be feeling much better. He will stay on Augmentin until the powers that be figure out what the heck happened to this kid this time around. Jeesh! It truly never ends!!! I'll take him for repeat labs locally on Friday and he will need to go into NYC for a follow up with his nephrologist at Columbia next week.


This evening I will enjoy a little MLB All Star game from the comfort of my very own couch with my all time favorite libation in hand.


Again, I want to sincerely thank all of you for the strength you give me with each and every rough patch we hit.






Monday, July 15th 2014

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Chris's night nurse just came in and said that the preliminary test results came back and he tested positive for Lyme disease. What the heck?!?! I'm more than anxious to speak to the doctors in the morning now. This new information has me rather befuddled.


Today was definitely a much better day. Chris continues to remain fever free and he only had one dose of Oxycodone today.  He is still on IV antibiotics, his mouth sore is still painful, but his cheek looks less swollen to me tonight. He ate a few bites of yogurt, mashed potato and macaroni and cheese today.  However, it is not enough to constitute a meal or meals. I've got a lot of food pushing to do with this kid once again. He is down 8 pounds in 5 days --- not good.


At this point I have absolutely no clue what's next. If Chris DOES have Lyme disease I'm curious to know if the routine treatment of months of antibiotics is an option for Chris. So many questions! Headed to my window seat of a bed now. My head is spinning with questions. I hope I can turn it off.





Sunday, July 13th 2014

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FUN FACT OF THE DAY: You can be seen by a dentist/oral surgeon on a Sunday in Boston Children's Hospital!


This morning Chris woke up in severe pain. The abscessed canker sore is getting worse. Unfortunately, there is not a lot they can do for it other than attempt to manage his pain and wait. And wait. And wait. We are waiting for his white count to go up so that the cells will finally draw their swords and begin to battle this big bad infection. This is sort of like watching paint dry, quite frankly.


For now, Chris remains on an IV antibiotic and Oxycodone. The concern this morning was that his face was still extremely swollen and his tooth was now hurting. They took him down to the oral surgeon and took some X-rays. It was determined that his teeth were fine and the infection did not spread into the jawbone or surrounding area. There is a dental laser treatment for canker sores but Chris's sore is so severe and deep into the tissue they didn't feel it would work for him.


Aside from watching my son suffer through this horrific mouth pain it kills me to hear him say he's hungry but can't eat. He forced himself to eat a tiny Dixie cup of chocolate ice cream. That's been the most amount of food he's eaten in three days. I'm back to worrying about his weight although the doctors are more concerned with his fluid intake at the moment. It's a fight to get him to meet his 2.5ml fluid minimum. Without that amount of fluid every day he will have one unhappy kidney and Lord knows we can't have that!


Chris has been fever free all day for the first time in over a week. I hope I'm not going to eat those typed words.


Tomorrow the hospital will once again come to life. The weekends around here are like a ghost town. Aside from the lack of food selection in the cafeteria on Saturdays and Sundays, I kind of enjoy the empty hallways, quicker elevators and serene garden experience.


There were no labs drawn today and there's nothing earth shattering to report. Chris and I are once again having a little quality time together --- compliments of the side effects of kidney disease and post transplant crappiness.

July 12th 2014 --- OUR FAMILY VACATION

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By: Sheri Roddy


Saturday morning, July 5th the plan was to wake up at 4:00 a.m., finish loading the car and be on the road by 5:00. I headed to the basement to get the last minute things from the dryer and noticed we had a flood. Apparently, someone had left the hot water in the sink running overnight in our first floor half bath (??? I know! What the heck?). Joe and I sopped up, vacuumed up and threw the fan on. We noticed that it was coming from the main sewer pipe. Given the time (5 a.m.) and day of week (Saturday), we opted to turn all the water to the house off, leave a fan drying and go on vacation. After all, it's been a VERY trying year and it was now OUR time to disappear from reality for a few well deserved days. We felt felt good with our decision to deal with this minor inconvenience upon our return from vacation.


It was now time to wake the cherubs so that they could climb in the car and fall back asleep for our 4+ hour car ride to the Cape. Juliana was up and about making sure that her earphones were packed and that the electronics she couldn't live a moment without were charged and ready for a week away. Chris is (and always has been) quite a bit slower in the getting ready department. His eyes tell you things like, "why do we have to leave so early?, this is stupid!, I wish Juliana wasn't so darn happy in the morning!, if you ask me to do one more thing, Mom, I might very well lose my mind!" Yup! Teenagers. They're quite something. And I have to constantly remind myself that I was 100 times worse than Juliana and Chris are.


While 3 out of the 4 of us were scurrying about trying to get out the door before the Saturday morning vacation traffic got too bad, I noticed Chris sitting at the kitchen table slouched over. When I asked if he was alright he said he didn't feel well. Alrighty then ... let the games begin, I thought. I took his temperature and it was a mild 99.1 - in our book that's pretty normal. So, in the car we went. Both kids were asleep within seconds of hitting the highway. This allowed Joe and I time to listen to "our" music and talk about the upcoming week of R&R we were about to encounter. The sky was blue, the traffic was non-existent, the coffee was made to perfection and life was good! So good that I had almost forgot about the morning flood.


It was about 2 hours into the ride and Chris woke up thirsty. As I glanced back I noticed he was wearing his fever eyes. ALL moms know the "fever eyes". I grabbed the thermometer from my bag (because every mom has a thermometer, medication list and blood pressure cuff in their bag at all times). Sure as heck it was over 103. Joe and I had to make a split minute decision whether or not we were going to veer left and go right to Boston or get off the exit for 495 and hit the Cape. We opted to head to the Cape and call Boston once we unloaded. Our cottage was tiny but perfect. It had everything our little family of 4 could possibly need and a view of the water to boot.


The renal fellow on call returned my call within seconds of me leaving her a message. Her suggestion was that we head to Cape Cod Hospital and have labs drawn and get Chris seen by a doctor. She called ahead with the orders and when we got there around 2:00 they were more than ready for us. It was quite obvious that the staff from this quaint seaside community hospital doesn't hear words like "pediatric transplant patient" too often. They were efficient, kind and accommodating. Chris was put in a fish bowl - actually it's an isolation room so that he doesn't catch any big bad hospital germs. Something told me that it was too late but we appreciated the special treatment and extra elbow room for my family of 4.


These transplant perks really are quite nice once in a while. While I'm on the topic of "perks", Joe received an interesting phone call while we were sitting in the fish bowl. It was Dan from the promotions department of the Red Sox. Joe's cousin was kind enough to give us Red Sox tickets for the Monday, July 7th game at 7:00. Joe thought it would be fun to call ahead and see if there was anything "special" they could do for Chris while we were at the game. Dan told Joe that the Red Sox would be happy to give all 4 of us a private tour of Fenway before the game. We were instructed to be at Gate D at 4:30 on Monday. We were all really excited but Joe was pretty over the top with the success of his master plan.


The four of us passed the time by reading, telling jokes and trying to divert Chris's attention away from the fact that he now had another hospital visit under his belt. We waited for Chris to have ultrasounds, X-rays and once again witnessed the misfortune of him getting an IV. They always stink! But he never complains. As time passed he was getting more and more anxious to get out of there. Around 7:30 the attending came in and told us that he had spoken to Boston Children's Hospital and they wanted him admitted up there because his white count was dangerously low. Numbers as low as they were put Chris at risk for rejection so time was of the essence. You could hear the disappointment as all 4 of us let out huge sighs of disbelief and frustration. But, we all knew what was best so we headed back to the cottage and packed a hospital bag fully aware of what this bag should consist of. It's a crying shame that we have this down to a science.


We all drove up to Boston together since we only had one car. Joe insisted on staying with Chris this time around. It was a 2+ hour car ride from Cape Cod to Boston. We pulled into the circular driveway at Children's and I had to say goodbye to both Joe and Chris. Fortunately they were ready for him so they walked right up to his home away from home on 10 South (the transplant unit). It wasn't an easy goodbye for me but I knew that Chris was in extremely capable hands. Juliana (my little rock) and I drove right back to the Cape and made great time since it was now 11:00 p.m. and there weren't as many cars on the road.


On Sunday Chris had lots of labs and was seen by numerous departments here at the hospital. When a kid has a fever of unknown origin (especially after transplant) they call in all the troops: nephrology, rheumatology, hematology & infectious disease. They immediately started giving Chris the Neupogen injections to help bring his white count up. He was fever free a good part of Sunday right on through to Monday. The doctors determined that Chris picked up another virus and his count was slowly coming back up. They were pleased with his progress and felt that we caught this one nice and early.


Every doctor and nurse involved with Chris's care was totally aware that we were on vacation and that we had these amazing plans at Fenway for that night. Joe made that well known! By late morning they agreed that he could be discharged so Juliana and I hopped in the car and headed back to Boston to meet up with the boys. When we got here they were still waiting on a few things. The clock was ticking and so was Joe's heart rate - only a lot faster than the clock. He was so anxious for this amazing opportunity to see one of the greatest ballparks in America. The paperwork was signed, they gave us our instructions (which consisted of giving Chris the daily Neupogen injections ourselves) and we had 25 minutes to walk 1 mile to Fenway with a kid that was JUST released from the hospital. I'm talking IV out one minute and on the streets of Boston the next.


Of course there was a glitch. We had one dose of Chris's medication that had to be kept refrigerated and a few needles to inject the medication. We didn't think bringing needles into Fenway was a really bright idea so now we were in the lobby trying to come up with a solution. Juliana & I ran into the CVS in the hospital lobby and grabbed a plastic cosmetic bag while Joe and Chris waited for a woman from the ER to come back with some ice for us. Once we safely packed the goods away Joe ran up to the 6th floor of the parking garage to put it in our car. The kids and I kept walking and Joe caught up with us several blocks away. We hoofed it the entire way but managed to make it to Gate D on Yawkey Way by our 4:30 scheduled time. Whew!!!! This was the epitome of 'mad dash'!!!


We were greeted by one of this earths kindest individuals. His name was Gus and he would be our tour guide for the evening. He was what they call an ambassador. He was a retired teacher living his dream of working at Fenway Park. He brought us right down to the field where we stood directly behind the players from the Red Sox during their batting practice. He told the kids exactly where to stand so that their chances of getting a foul ball would be greater. Within 2 minutes one rolled right to Juliana's feet. He told us facts about the park and while he was speaking I could tell that someone was frantically trying to reach me. My purse was vibrating like crazy. I finally picked up my phone and it was the hospital with a few last minute instructions about Chris's med changes. This was one wacky day and my head was absolutely spinning. Was I completely out of my bird cage to have taken my son from a hospital right to a ball park?!?!? How incompetent of me! I wasn't even sure I was hearing all of the instructions properly because I kept loosing the nurses words with every crack of the bat. Stress? What stress?


Gus gave us ample time to watch the players up close and personal but now it was time for the tour. Fenway is a must see for any baseball fan. It's incredibly nostalgic and the die hard fans are a hoot to watch. When we finally made it up to the Green Monster there was a flash of lightening that looked like it came from a block away. We were quickly escorted inside where we continued our tour. While we were inside you could see the clouds getting blacker and swirling in a very odd way. It was at that point that I heard someone say the word "tornado". Yup! Of course there was a tornado watch around the area of Boston! Of course, because the Roddy's were here!!! You CANNOT make this stuff up! Everyone was asked to go to the lower level of Fenway until the storm passed. Thankfully we were not swept away to Oz and the game was only delayed about a half hour or so. When it was time to take our seats we were pleasantly surprised that they were 6th row, on the 3rd base line, very close to home plate. A foul ball could have been lethal. We were so close I thought they'd ask us to suit up and put on a glove. It was awesome!


We only stayed until the 6th inning. It was starting to rain a little and Chris looked like he was fading fast. We made reservations at the Yawkey Family Inn (family housing close to the hospital - the Ronald McDonald House type of place). We knew it would be too late to return to the Cape and more importantly, Juliana had planned a tour of Northeastern University for the next morning. We arrived at the Yawkey and it took us about 3 minutes to fall asleep. What a day!


The next morning Joe and Juliana were up early and headed out for Northeastern. I let Chris sleep in since we didn't need to check out until 11:00 and I needed to wait around for a UPS package. Chris's medication for the injections was being overnighted to the Yawkey. I went online to track the package and noticed that they had a wrong address. While I was trying to sort this out, Joe called me frantic. He had just realized that he left his sunglasses at the bagel store up the block from the Yawkey. They are not CVS sunglasses either so he had every reason to be upset. I put my UPS dilemma aside and ran down the block in hopes of retrieving the lost specs. Thankfully someone turned them in and my mission was accomplished.


Now back to the UPS issue. After a lengthy phone conversation with the woman from UPS she was sympathetic to our urgency and she called the driver who had the package on his truck. Apparently the Yawkey was not on his route but he agreed to have me meet him on his route and he would hand it over. Right before he hung up he told the dispatcher to give me his cell number. Chris was awake by now and I was rushing him like crazy so that we could check out, go to the hospital and get the car, go pick up Juliana & Joe at Northeastern and try and find Mr. UPS. It was nuts. I called this chap when I was on Beacon Street and he told me he would wait at #1889. I won't get into all of the details but 45 minutes of driving up and down Beacon Street looking for the big brown truck and he finally told me he had made a mistake and he was at #1589 Beacon. That's only one number off but 300 buildings away. A UPS driver that has trouble with his numbers? Really???


Anyway, we tracked him down, received the goods and headed back to the Cape to resume our family vacation. Before we could dive into any vacation-like activities we had business to take care of. Chris needed his injection and he had agreed to let Joe give it. Joe was given instructions at the hospital and said he felt comfortable giving it. We prepared everything and before I knew it the deed was done and all was good. I couldn't have been more proud of my Roddy boys. Joe for giving it and Chris for the trust he had in my brave husband.


Once we regrouped, the kids took off on the bikes to go mini golfing. Joe and I sat at the beach with a few cold ones rehashing the first few days of our vacation. When the kids came back Chris started to complain about a canker sore in his mouth. These sores are a VERY common side effect from one of his medications. I had some topical medicine to give him and Tylenol ready to roll if he needed it.


The next day (Wednesday) Joe and I went for a nice long walk on the beach, had breakfast at the local cafe and waited for the kids to get up. They were exhausted so I was glad they were getting the rest they needed. We all decided to go on a bike ride to Woods Hole. One we had talked about for months. It was a beautiful day and the bike path between Falmouth and Woods Hole is breath taking. Chris seemed pretty miserable all day. The sore seemed to be getting worse.


So our deal with Boston was that we would take Chris back to Cape Cod Hospital on Thursday morning for labs. Chris and I got up early and did just that. I contacted Boston while we were sitting in the waiting room to see if there was something we could do for this monster canker sore. They prescribed Magic Mouthwash (a combination of Lidocaine, liquid Benadryl and a Maalox type of thing). It's just a rinse but it was supposed to give him some relief. After we returned from labs I noticed that Chris was getting more agitated and he was once again getting "fever eyes". I took his temperature and it was almost 103. This meant only one thing ... time to head back to Boston.


I quickly cleaned up the cottage, packed what I could and got our hospital bag ready. Somehow I knew that Chris and I wouldn't be returning to the Cape. We drove up and this time I stayed with Chris, and Joe and Juliana returned to the cottage. Chris's temperature was almost 105 when we arrived at Children's and the pain from his mouth sore was excruciating. The nurse attempted to start an IV but his veins were collapsing. It looked like a massacre had just taken place in triage room #6. This kid is tough but everyone has a breaking point. We arrived at 9:00 and we were in the ER until 1:30. It was a super busy night for them so things did not go as smooth as they had earlier in the week. No fast pass this time!


Chris received IV antibiotics and fluids throughout the night and was given Tylenol for the fever and Oxycodone for the pain. The next morning (Friday) the team came in and they were extremely concerned with his low white count. Even though Chris had been receiving the Neupogen injections for 5 days his number continued to plummet. The sore in his mouth had now caused the entire right cheek to swell and the fever was still not under control despite the IV antibiotics. Again, the troops were called in and my enigma of a son was the topic of conversation amongst the medical professionals here on 10 south. The huge concern was that Chris would start to reject his new kidney. That was, and is, the reason for all of the prayer requests.


Chris is under the microscope this time around. I don't think they'll be letting him out until they know that his white count is COMPLETELY under control. This is not to say that this won't happen again. These side effects do and can happen to newly transplanted patients. Chris is just one of those people that IF it MIGHT happen, it will.


Joe and Juliana packed up the cottage early this morning and headed back to New Jersey. I asked them please not to come. Chris has been one angry kid and keeps threatening to get up and leave here. He told me on Thursday night that the doctors had until Saturday to figure it out and that he was going home and NOBODY was going to stop him. If Joe and Juliana showed up, the goodbye would have been a nightmare. Although I would have killed to see them today, it was best for all parties involved that they just head home. A few doctors and nurses spoke to Chris today and he is in a much better frame of mind. He is a smart kid and completely understands that he needs to be monitored very closely or he will risk losing his new kidney. Therefore, late this afternoon he upped his threat to Monday at 4:00 p.m.. Guess the doctors better get busy.


Yesterday I received a pleasant surprise from my friend Lorraine. She texted to let me know that she was in the neighborhood visiting a college with her son. She and Cole stopped by to see us and it was a great visit! We never get visitors up here so the diversion during such a tense time was more than welcomed.


Today consisted of a change in antibiotic, a few visits from various doctors trying to figure out why Chris is getting these fevers, and pushing fluids. His mouth is so sore he hasn't eaten in 3 days. We started off okay and the fever was gone until around 4:00 this afternoon. It was just back up over 102 again so it's a little frustrating. Nah! It's a lot frustrating!!!


I'm quite relieved that my IPad is finally out from the bottom of my bag and that my thoughts are documented. There is no question that this week has been awful. Blogging is very therapeutic for me. Typing my daily thoughts into this little tablet during a stressful time like this really helps me to move onto the next day and deal with the challenges with a much clearer head. May sound crazy, but it works for me.


We believe in the power of prayer and know that Chris will heal and we will get through this nightmare of a chapter. It's just a little scary going through it. Your prayers and support are sort of like when someone turns the light on to let you know that the nightmare will be over soon and everything will be okay. Thank you for that.






Sunday, June 15, 2104 --- Father's Day!

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11 days since the last blog. That went fast. I've been trying to hang on tight to the final days of having a middle schooler. In September I will be the proud mom of two high school students. Whoa Nelly! That's mind boggling how quickly that happened! Of course this last year has really been a blur, but honestly? College hunting next year? C'mon!!!


Last Sunday Chris was confirmed. It was a beautiful day and we were surrounded by a small number of friends and family. It was an easy decision to keep this celebration low key. Our lives seem to turn on a dime so simple and small was necessary. Chris was delighted with how his day turned out. When we arrived at church a handful of his friends from confirmation class were there to sit by his side - literally. They even came up to the altar during the laying on of hands and joined in as Chris was blessed and officially confirmed by Pastor Bassett. It was tough to hold back the tears as I witnessed how many Chris Roddy supporters he has. From the friends and family that filled the pews, to our church family that congratulated Chris with the sincerest of smiles on their faces and tears in their eyes. They ALL knew what a special day this was for Chris. They've been by our sides for 14 years and understand the road that he has traveled to get to this point in his life.


During the church service I was pleasantly surprised --- actually down right shocked, when my long time friend Kathy and her daughter Shannon greeted me during the sharing of peace. You see, Kathy and her daughter live in Texas. I had absolutely no idea that she was coming. She learned that the day was going to finally happen and she booked a flight and came to share in our joy. Who does this!?!?! I am so so blessed with great friends in this world. My other dear friend, Jill, was Chris's confirmation sponsor. She took this roll very seriously and for that I am thankful.


Another interesting surprise I received during the church service was after the gospel was read. I followed along and certainly remember hearing that particular reading but I didn't give it a second thought. Once we sat down, Juliana turned to me with a tear in her eye and said, "Mom, I read that at Grandma's funeral in December". Coincidence?!?! Once again, I don't think so. There was no doubt in my mind that my mother-in-law was with us. She and many other Chris Roddy angels filled that sanctuary on June 8th.


The day after we celebrated, Chris and I packed our suitcase once more and headed back to Boston. We arrived on Monday afternoon and had dinner with Joe's cousin and her husband. Our meetings with Pete and Cecilia are always the highlight of our visits up there. They are expecting their first baby in late July and we can't wait.


Chris's appointment on Tuesday was okay. His white count continues to be quite low despite the medication adjustment. We will repeat labs once more next Tuesday. Cross your fingers.


This Father's Day weekend is a pretty emotional one for me. I kept trying to come up with that more than perfect gift for the more than perfect father of my children. Here it is Father's Day and I'm empty handed. Joe is a simple guy and appears to be simply content with his special weekend of just hanging out with his family. He keeps saying how he doesn't need any "things" to make his day special. He went to the driving range two mornings in a row, I've cooked all his favorite meals and Juliana is preparing to make him his favorite homemade peanut butter ice cream for dessert. We've done a lot of lounging on the deck, swinging in the hammock and small talk about how thankful we are for the life we share together.


This coming week we are excited to attend Chris's 8th grade Graduation (actually they call it a "moving up ceremony"). Whatever it is, we are sincerely thankful that he will be able to participate in this ceremony. He's had some pretty interesting middle school years. We are all ready for his next chapter.





Wednesday, June 4, 2014

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Regular. Humdrum. Normal. Words I've come to absolutely love! And that my friends, is exactly what this week has been.


Chris returned to school on Monday (after his 7:00 a.m. lab work) and came out at 3:10 looking exhausted but ridiculously happy. There is something about human interaction with his peers that is so therapeutic for Chris. It's been a long winter and spring attached to his annoying mom, so pimple faced teenagers are quite appealing to him about now. I'm sure he isn't learning a darn thing being back in school with only 2 weeks to go, but he has a pep in his step and a smile on his face that comforts me to no end.  Learning schmearning --- healthy and hanging with friends is what this 8th grader should be doing right now.


So Chris's lab results were favorable and he is starting to eat again. He's even gained a few pounds back. I am feeding him things like breaded chicken sandwiches with bacon and ketchup, waffles with a huge glass of chocolate milk (whole milk of course), Oreos, pb&j sandwiches, and the fattening list goes on. Chris and I will go back to Boston next week for a follow up with the nephrology team and I'm hopeful they'll be pleased with his progress. He also has a test scheduled by urology. We'll need a few prayers for this one, please.


This Sunday Christopher Neil Roddy will FINALLY make his Confirmation! I find it very fitting that he is being confirmed on Pentecost Sunday. The church colors for this day are red. Go figure! It is also the anniversary of my fathers passing. I know that this day is meant to be and that Chris has many loved ones that will surround him from above on Sunday. This little boy certainly has many angels up there and I know they will ALL be present for this joyous celebration.



Saturday, May 31, 2014

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NO MORE INJECTIONS!  I received a call from Boston late yesterday afternoon letting me know that Chris's ANC was up and we should stop the injections.  They asked that we hold onto everything just in case he needs to start them again but for now things are looking up.  Chris will repeat labs again on Monday and if all goes well there are NO scheduled appointments this week!  Woo hoo!!!!!  

Enjoy this his beautiful weekend and I look forward to posting more good news next week!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

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What a difference a week makes!


Chris is feeling much better and his white count is coming back up. He does not want me or Joe giving him the injections so I have been forced to call upon some of the wonderful nurse friends in my life. I don't want ANY of these gifted ladies to feel like it is their "job" to come give these injections so we are operating on a rotating shift. I now understand why God put so many nurses in my life. With any luck his numbers will continue to improve and we can stop these things once and for all very soon.


I will take Chris for another set of labs tomorrow morning and if all goes well Chris can return to school on Monday morning. He is fed up with being in this house and I don't blame him.


Tonight I will delight in a proud mommy moment and attend the Honor Society Induction Ceremony for Juliana. This little girl makes my job so darn easy!


We have 3 more weeks of school in Glen Rock and I am praying that Chris can finish them out on a high note. These 3 weeks contain 3 important events I would love to watch him enjoy: Confirmation on June 8th, his 8th grade pool party (although swimming is out of the question he can at least hang with his friends poolside), and of course, 8th grade graduation on June 17th.


I keep hearing The Little Engine That Could in my head ... "I think he can, I think he can, I think he can".



Monday, May 26, 2014 --- Memorial Day

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Memorial Day?!?! Really?!?!


I've never had my internal clock so confused. The last few months I have had days that felt like time was standing still and other days I missed all together. This spring in particular I find the flowers are just a little bit brighter, the grass is even greener, the birds are singing quite a bit louder and the smell of barbecues filled with our favorite comfort foods is that much stronger. I am sure that life will return to normal soon enough and I will once again forget to appreciate these blessings the way I am appreciating them this Memorial Day weekend. For now, I have slowed down and I'm thanking God for it all! I am especially thanking God for all of the brave men and women that make it possible for me to appreciate these finer things in life.


Speaking of brave, Chris seems to be on an up swing. Although I type those words with bated breath he is definitely feeling better. The daily Neupogen injections are happening without protest and Joe and I have annoyed this kid to no end with food and drink. Thankfully our persistence has paid off and the scale has been kind to Chris. He is beginning to gain some weight back. Alleluia! Tomorrow morning I will take him for another set of labs and pray that his numbers are up again. For the last few weeks he has been pasty white with dark circles surrounding his eyes but this morning at breakfast on the deck I noticed a  definite improvement. There is nothing I want more than for this 8th grader to enjoy the final days of school with his friends. He has the do-over Confirmation coming up, the 8th grade pool party, his graduation, and a few more baseball games this month. He deserves to be able to participate in these activities as a healthy 14 year old!


Joe and I tackled some garage clean up and yard work this weekend but today we have hit our wall. After breakfast we both looked at each other and declared mercy. He is lying in the hammock reading a book he's been unable to concentrate on lately and I am on the deck with a stack of magazines yearning to be thumbed through. This is our day of mindless and relaxing nothingness! I'll even admit we've earned this day.





Saturday, May 24, 2014

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Super tired tonight and not feeling like I have it in me to put all my thoughts into coherent words.  Therefore, I will post a summation:

Chris went for labs this morning and by 3:30 Boston called with the results.  They were VERY favorable!  His neutrophil number went from 263 to 1200!  This is really good news!  He has stayed fever free since Thursday night and is absolutely loving hanging out with his friends on XBox.  This could possibly be the best medicine out there.  We will continue the injections for a while and he is by no means ready for the public.  However, we are seeing an improvement and we're ecstatic.  

This is evening Joe and I got out for a while with Debbie, Tom,  Cindy and Steven for Debbie's birthday.  It was a great time and it warms my heart to end this day on a high note!  Family and relatively healthy kids.  That's what life's all about.